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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Life In Jalal-Abad

What I like:
One of the things I love about J-A is that they sell candy apples here! They remind me of the Fly Creek Cider Mill, except here they wrap them in saran wrap which can be kinda tricky to take off, but well worth the effort!

The bread here is super amazing!

There’s a little shop near my house and it is run by several Uzbek women who are really friendly! I like going there! The one lady often says I look like a Russian girl, and everyone is surprised I’m American. One of the ladies even practices her English when I cash out with her.

The produce is fresh and not expensive…unless it’s something out of season.

The parks are very nice!

I’ve heard there is one park with the best ice cream! I can’t wait to try it!! Ice cream in Kstan is not like ice cream in America, it is definitely one of the things I miss when I’m here. Hoping for the best- I’ll keep ya posted! The shop doesn’t open until Noorus- March 21.

What I’m getting used to:
Litter everywhere!

Being noticeably different and getting looks/sneers  from people.

Everything closes at 6 or 7! And everyone is off the street when the sun goes down.

How dusty it is here. I think women cover their heads not so much for religious purposes but to keep their hair cleaner!

Not having a refrigerator.

A very male dominated culture.
-interesting fact: all the stop signs are in English.


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